peachreporticonHave you lost your mind? If not, there’s still time!

We just moved into what could potentially be the most exciting, most fulfilling mercury retrograde yet…a time, an opening, an opportunity to GOD realize, according to the Pleiadians.

We are entering a period of heightened mental capability and for those prepared, this means the ability to fully surrender the lower (monkey) mind in order to merge with the higher (divine) mind…a time to remember the basis of divine creatorship as our thoughts become the springboard by which our christed-consciousness reveals itself.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…the seemingly never-ending phase of EMPTYing out all the contents of our former selves continues as we are pushed (on purpose) to the limits of our humanity…to our breaking point and beyond.  To merge with our higher Self we are forced to surrender ALL of ourselves…in complete faith…to complete nothingness…in order to embody our true, authentic nature.

We are definitely not in Kansas anymore and the determination involved in these final, yet Herculean contractions of surrender is not for chumps. “Let go and let God” takes on a WHOLE new meaning here.

For those ensouling, the last 3 months amounted to a loss of identity unlike any other to date…a renouncing of our human-made self and life, a giving over of the remains of all of everything in exchange for our absoluteness.

If you are feeling held back, blocked from your bliss, depleted of life force, uninspired, unmotivated, depressed, defeated, abandoned, trapped, ANXIOUS, unfamiliar with yourself, confused about your place in life and the world, disconnected from a sense of purpose, thrashing thru an existential crisis of inconceivable proportion, deflated to the point of dissolving & wanting to go Home…I have good news: It’s very likely that you are in the throes of what the ego perceives as literal death….and on the other side of that ultimate surrender, is GOD realization.

The peaceful calm of presence awaits us all.

As far as our embodiment goes, we are so close to touching down and this is definitely kicking up deep survival fears again, accompanied by the typical ‘healing crisis’ type scenarios.  The lower body system is totally unfamiliar with the level of light that we are inundated with this year and as usual, it has a tendency to buck in defiance.  As we ground our very BIG Selves into our very small bodies, it can also elicit some temporary feelings of confinement, claustrophobia, even suffocation where the body feels limiting to the soul.

If you are having an extraordinary amount of symptoms, it’s likely that resistance is to blame…be sure to talk to your cells, ensure your body’s safety and fully open yourself up to welcome and receive these frequencies in order to move them through you and into earth.

I can’t overemphasize the importance of keeping these energies moving.  Depression, anxiety, rapid heart beat, water retention, bone pain and muscle stiffness result from stagnate energies (emotional as well), so be sure to consciously move them thru the chakra system and feel your feelings…especially if you are inundated, heavily weighed down and/or overwhelmed.  Physical exercise can bring relief, but sometimes the exhaustion is too strong to move the body…in this case, you can utilize water (salt baths) and/or visualization techniques to clear the aura and move these energies thru your toroidal field.

When we (unconsciously) resist the downloads, the energies tend to coalesce in the body and get trapped in our cells creating more intense symptoms than need be.  I know many are having a difficult time assimilating, but relief and assistance are available at all times, and the golden ray of light (with intention) works wonders, miracles even.  It is also advisable to ask for assistance when needed, there is so much unused help available to those who are embodying at this time, but we have to remember to give our consent.  No need to be a superhero…it takes a hero just be on earth at this time.

Lastly, realize that as you get a handle on how to move into these Source infusions and not away from them, you will be able to ride the waves and not drown under them.  It takes some practice and even some courage, but it is definitely possible to empower ourselves thru this incredibly powerful time.  Allow, allow, allow the light in….it is truly sublime.

When resistance arises, remember…you were made for this!

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