peachreporticonEnter the new world consciousness.

Well, in actuality the “new world consciousness” officially entered in September when that insane wave of transformational energy hit the planet in the midst of an eclipse cycle, the equinox, AND the final blood moon in the highly prophesied tetrad.

The difference is that now we are moving into participation with it.

That gargantuan download of divine light was so far reaching it has literally taken months to sort thru the rubble from the explosions it set off in our DNA. Those explosions served to shake loose so much expired content from within our ancient human lineage for the purpose of transmuting/transcending our limited genetics in order to move fully into the sovereignty of our divinity, our star genetics.

The Pleiadians share that for many, this is now a reality (!) and as a result we are moving into what they call a brand new life program, one that is malleable and very responsive to the way that we, as conscious creators, participate with it.   This new life program is ALIVE with consciousness, and responds (favorably) to those with commensurate-level consciousness.

The coming weeks represent this first new chapter as new humans in the sense that we are now beginning to rewrite our scripts from a place of pure truth. This whole year in fact could be considered an entire rewrite program, one that will present us with opportunity after opportunity to move into new life experiences without our past hindrances attached…weighing us down…holding us back.

As always, that choice is continuously ours to make…in every moment now.

We are pivoting from 8 concentrated and intensive years of inner excavation and transformation to an entirely new life, as new humans, in a new world…this will obviously take some time-space to recreate ourselves and rebuild the rest of our continually transforming lives based on our new, true coordinates. Coming full circle this (universal 9) year, we will engage with new, unexplored aspects of ourSelves but we will also begin to return to/reconnect with those things we love, only from a place of cosmic expansion…of owning ourSelves and knowing our true worth.

In the last report, we were told that we would undergo a comprehensive recalibration (during Mercury’s retrograde cycle) that would lead to a more permanent reconnection to the higher (GOD) mind.  That upgrade is officially complete tho will be calibrating from this change for the entire year ahead, if not longer.

In a sense, we will still be required to clear..but, because of the recent and radical mental upgrade we just endured this will be on a whole new level, with a new level consciousness and brand new perspective.  Aka, the process will be unlike anything we have experienced to date.

The new human 5.0 has a new, unlimited capacity hard drive, new RAM, a new OS and new system applications that are no longer compatible with our old equipment and processor, so all year long we will be required to take pertinent steps to clean out any remaining past patterns by reprogramming/repaving new neural pathways with new choices and actions that align with new life experience…that of our deepest desires and most cherished, heartfelt dreams. (NOTE: in some cases this uplevel in consciousness may have resulted in a very literal need for a computer upgrade…ie, a hard drive crash, operating system failure.)

Our entire communication system…how we perceive, parlay and interact with the world hologram…is reassembling itself to reflect our new, higher consciousness and so a lot, if not everything, will change.

Already we can see life shifting to reflect these changes thru a universal sorting system where those things that are no longer in resonance with the new consciousness are rapidly falling away, being rerouted while simultaneously new openings are appearing to replace the outdated.  Relationships are ending, new ones forming, old ones reestablishing…groups of souls are leaving the physical world…some people are suddenly and unexpectedly relocating…old business ventures and/or careers coming to a close…new partnerships and purposes developing…the list goes on.

We are all emptying out in one way or another before we fill ourselves up with brand new life.  This is manifesting in a myriad of ways, the most common of which may translate as a major dip in vitality, finances, clarity and/or creativity… even an early “spring cleaning” in which you feel a compelling urge to let go of stuff/clear space in order to organize and prepare for the coming infusion of new energy.

As we clear the clutter and reorient to our new selves and lives, you may also be suddenly noticing new, more limitless thought processes based in solid self LOVE, reverence even, and the ability to stand in your light/speak your truth without a glitch.  This is one of the definite perks of the new processor, what the star beings call our “GOD processor”….the part of us that KNOWS our worth, without question, and is able to communicate that with unwavering confidence.

This budding ability, along with many others, provides us with the basis by which each of us will be able to ‘BE the revelation’ this year…to participate with, and ultimately excel in, the new world consciousness.

This is our game now, time to PLAY….human.

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    1. Kay

      Michael that is the inner guidance I KEEP being told as I have had a LOT of dental work many years ago, so amalgam fillings and feeling a lot of discomfort at times, and concerned as do not feel to go back to a dentist. It is constantly being reaffirmed again and again to me that, yes what Lauren said, we are regenerating our enamel and teeth back into perfect health again. 🙂

  1. Lauri Lumby

    So crazy. @Lauren, your words perfectly correspond to several things happening in my life right now!

    1) New “jobs” presenting themselves as opportunities to share my gifts with students at the local high school….mindfulness and self-actualization practices. !!!!! This literally dropped in my lap and (kind of ) came out of nowhere. I didn’t have to do anything to make this happen except listen and say yes (and partner with my tribe!)
    2) Just today I changed my “Superhero” group to “Gods and Goddesses” From my course description: “When we transcend the fears, false-perceptions, temptations and limitations of the human condition, we “become like gods,” able to be channels through which Divine Love is made manifest in our world. When we allow our Divine nature to fully infuse our Human nature, our gifts are activated and empowered for the purpose of restoring the world to its original nature as LOVE, PEACE and HARMONY”
    3) As I mentioned on Friday, just did a HUGE ancestral, DNA clearing with soul-sister – healing, releasing, freeing all of our ancestors an any others who in the past would have been burned as witches , from the pain, guilt, etc. and freeing us all to make the fullest use of our gifts and to feel free in doing so. We also did a ton of work around abundance…it is time for the “witches” to be compensated for their work! 🙂

    All right in line with the report! SOOO COOL!

    I also wanted to make note of HUGELY increasing telepathic abilities. I’m especially seeing it between myself and my children….I think a thought and the words come right out of their mouth….and visa versa. Soon…words will no longer be necessary.

    Thank you Lauren! You rock.

    PS Remember my literal computer hard drive crash last summer? Truth is stranger than fiction!

  2. Sonara

    Ooo feels so right. And sort of fits in with my recent experiences and knowings – visions and in sights (which are gradually being reawakened). There is a part of me that is reticent regards getting excited. Lots of carrot and stick feelings from the past – that I take full responsibility for. But at the same time the Joy keeps bubbling up from deep inside – and I do believe – or should I say – I do ‘know’ – the truth of your words.

    We have made it – wahoo! – and soon we will meet each other in our full Glory.

    Much Love and Thanks. Sonara

  3. Lis Blake

    Thank you Lauren!!! I will re-read this and in a way I feel I don’t need to – and I have shivers running through me as I finish the up-date (and tears running down my face!) All I can say is quadruple + ‘wow!’ And it’s so making sense – all the jigsaw pieces are coming together – an amazing feeling which really is indescribable. ♥

  4. Helen Stapleton

    Thankyou Dear Heart …
    For all these tremendously inspiring words; both those from yourself and others from our Dear Friends, the Pleiadian Council.
    All Wonder-full things we can look forward to contributing to.
    Thankyou with Love and Light

  5. Sheryl

    More than likely a web glitch but I logged in to read my “free” version (having cancelled my subscription some months ago) only to find it kept going and I had full access, including the ability to comment, as you can see.

    If a momentary glitch that you will now get started fixing, thank you, it was a nice surprise! If not, perhaps my GOD self has taken over and simply manifested full access on behalf of my re-calibrating self?? If the latter is true, well then, yes! Yeehaw, as you said! My only question is why couldn’t my GOD self have stepped in during the recent powerball, for crying out loud. 😉

  6. Lau

    Thanks Lauren, I was really needing this after this last squeeze. I’m sure I’ll have to come at it again but I really resonated with bit about accepting limiting thoughts and the resulting friction. I’ve been feeling that my heart is speaking this full beautiful feeling message and my thoughts have been trying to squish it into this narrow channel where most of it gets lost. It’s disjointed and the result has been a lot of anxiety that doesn’t even feel genuine, like imposter anxiety or friction posing as something else. I’ve been aware that I need to consistently make the choice to embrace the full love of me and sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t, and I’ve really been beating myself up about it. Reading this has helped me to shift it a bit. Thanks for the love!

  7. Becky Jayne

    Oh Lauren, you bringer of glad tidings! I’m officially excited now because I feel and know the truth of all of this. Thanks so much for this brilliant report. A big kiss is now sailing over the hundreds of miles to you! Ha ha

  8. Patricia Bergstresser

    Thanks so much Lauren, I am feeling the experience. Alot of clearing and releasing. I am soooo grateful for your latest post. I always receive the wisdom and messages I need. Again thank you Pat

  9. Helen Nicholas

    Thanks beautiful Lauren and the PHC. After an unbelievably challenging week I read this through tears…of release, of joy, of resonance of hope and trust of deliverance and galactic connections. I’ve never been so much on the back foot as now with challenges of the body and financial situation. I do trust and believe in the power of the light and have continued working with this through the years. Your reference to technology was spot on as yesterday I decided to add a bit of extra drama to my surrender process by ‘accidentally’ tipping a small amount of tea onto my laptop keyboard. Nowhere to go with that one except hand it over. My laptop is my connection to people being somewhat confined physically. Last week I could barely walk with legs, hips and knees in agony. Even when I know what’s happening astrologically I still have to look after myself. I still had to work through it all. Had just shifted a lot of it with putting the energy into my astro update sitting up half the night with the knees protesting and crying through the pain. Then the next morning I throw some tea into the laptop. Truly, I gotta laugh, even through the pain and loss. I definitely got the message that I’m getting the upgrade on all levels but when it came to the laptop…decimated. It’s back working enough to receive your message from the cosmos. So grateful dear one. So grateful. Bless and love to you xxx

    1. Lauren Post author

      oh Helen, you have been put through the wringer 🙁 I can relate, especially to the lower chakra discomfort, icing my knee and lower back as i type this.

      All in all, this retrograde was a DOOZY…but the outcome to the process, SO worth the pain. hang on!

      wishing you an easier February…♡

      1. Helen Nicholas

        Thanks sweetheart. I know others are going through this lower chakra stuff. It’s Saturn in Sagittarius. Saturn rules skeleton, bones, knees and joints. Sagittarius rules hips and thighs (exclamation mark…not working on pc at present) Saturn is at thirteen degrees and the black hole Great Attractor which is like a huge vacuum is at fourteen degrees. Saturn, karma…so huge karmic release. My Sun is at fourteen degrees Gemini, opposite the Great Attractor. Not sucking it up any more. Letting the Great Attractor do it for me. Take care of you getting these messages out. More valuable than you can imagine. Stars to you sister. xxxx

  10. Patti

    I’ve spent the last week or so seeing multiples (111, 222, 333, 444), which in one version I found online, speaks of an energetic gateway opening, rapidly manifesting thoughts into reality (111) , having faith – everything’s going to be all right (222), merger with ascended masters (333) and thousands of angels surrounding, loving and supporting (444). And for some “strange” reason, the Hallelujah chorus keeps running through my mind. Sooooooooo much better than all the boo-hooing I’ve been doing for the past 3-4 months. The scales and my clothing don’t reflect it yet, but I feel soooooo much lighter. Thank you, Lauren, for all you do! 💙💗💚💜

    1. Lauren Post author

      SO happy to hear that for u Patti…I know u’ve been having a rough go of it, really glad to know the load has lightened ♥

      1. Lauren Post author

        And p. s. I started seeing double and triple numeric sequences as well, starting a couple weeks ago and so have others in the network…a nice confirmation that we are all anchoring back into to the Christ grid. Hallelujah is right!

  11. dancing unity

    Yup, had the computer system crash in December and yup to the dip in finances, lower then ever yet at the same time having incredible blast of wisdom, clarity, yes God consciousness indeed. The juxtaposition between this gorgeous succulent KNOWING and watching my finances dive deeper then ever is a head scratcher for sure. Today caught in a real fear wave but generally floating in such love and unity. Kinda crazy making. Wonderful new opportunities, mini miracles and yet total stagnation with the APPEARANCE of my old issue. I often find things LOOK like a disaster but when the moment arises all is well. Example told my car was totaled but nope, was completely fine. Big medical bill, nope actually heavily discounted etc. etc. What a wild ride, sure not dull.
    Dearest Lauren, so much love to you and a warm cuddle hug for your knees and back. Thanks for keeping the faith through thick and thin. Today you really helped me turn around from a nose dive.

    1. Lauren Post author

      So well said Savannah, I can relate to everything u say here.

      Polarity integrations left and right…backs up against the wall forcing us to choose LOVE even in the most dire illusions. But we know better by now. Those illusions have no power over us any more, even when we accidentally think they do. Thx for sharing ♥

      1. dancing unity

        knowing we are all in this together is what keep me going some days. To feel absolutely clarity and to KNOW WHO I am, on cloud nine one day and then to have a tsunami of fear like today, damn, not for the faint at heart. Sometimes my trust in the unseen, miracle, impossible/possible is so strong I wonder if I am headed for the funny farm, then I fall down the rabbit hole into 3D. Interesting, just remembered a dream fragment from last night. A dangerous looking man was in a hurry and wanted to pass us by, pushing us dangerously close to a huge shaft, an opening I thought would take us to the ground floor but was actually an open fall down many floors. I had to use my feet to wedge us from being pushed over the edge. I was with my high school/college best friend whom I have neither seen or spoken to in decades. Once we got clear I went up to the man with rage blazing in my eyes and did not back down even when his eyes spewed danger. Interestingly last night was the first time in my life someone close to me could be enraged and basically all I felt was compassion, even when the energy was directed at me. I “saw” what was going on and tried to help her, no reactivity in my nervous system! Alleluia. My word for the year is mastery and sometimes it feels so now. While I am sorry you too are on the teeter-toter, glad I am not alone. Big love wave to all of us as we surf our way back to Ourselves

        1. Tara

          So beautifully said, thank you. Yes cloud nine, the tsunami, the funny farm and the rabbit hole, completely with you. So encouraging and confirming hear from others on this journey. Blessings and love xx

      2. dancing unity

        Girlfriend you again did me a great service. In 2014 you helped me wake up to the fact I already DID love myself and you now helped me wake up to another aspect of this money puzzle. I just recognized in the area of $ I do not see it as illusion but rather take the past at face value, seeing it as sooo real. I recognize it is part of my soul plan to break through the illusion of money as the source of my well being. I adore the stuff and welcome it with open arms but it does not determine my value or wellbeing. Opening up to and receiving sooooo much non cash abundance in the form of gifts, courses, discounts, free stuff. Income still almost at a standstill so feel into deep fear yesterday. The report and the word illusion helped break the spell. The journey to embodying abundance is a play in progress and today giggling and laughing rather then cowering in fear, yahoo!

  12. Nan Thibert

    Yeah and Yahooooo! Soooooo grateful to you and PHC/galactic cohorts bringing me this info. What a relief after so many years of feeling so small. It’s as if I drank the Ent water and have started growing tall all of a sudden.

    You rock!!!!!

  13. Blu

    Deep bow, Lauren…on point and on time as always!
    Had to chuckle since I spent the afternoon clearing boxes that I hadn’t really looked in for 12 years from a closet (Spring Cleaning: check)…really?
    Clothing, paperwork, photos, CDs, books, etc…Like a walk down memory lane to reacquaint myself with older versions of myself and others, and to lovingly release what no longer fits into the Full Moon energies of the weekend, making way for the latest upgrades…when I finished and checked my email, what should I find, but notification of a new 5D report!
    Each and every aspect of the report resonates (RESOUNDS), the GOD processor has been overwriting programs for weeks now and the new mind-body interface is VEEEERY INTERESTING…feels like the inflammatory response is easing up and cellular release is in process.
    Thank you for your BRILLIANT service (GEM-Like, indeed) and blessings to all of us in this 2016 adventure!


    1. Lauren Post author

      the GOD processor has been overwriting programs for weeks now and the new mind-body interface is VEEEERY INTERESTING…feels like the inflammatory response is easing up and cellular release is in process.

      This insight is bang on and water clear. Thank YOU!

      1. penny goodwill

        Thank you Blu and Lauren.
        This observation and report are spot on for me.
        I just arrived back in NY form Costa Rica to air care of business.
        Next week I go to England for 3 weeks to see my lovely parents.
        I am going back to my old lives and habits and releasing old programs.
        I have been dizzy since I arrived in NY. I do believe it is the release of programs that no longer fit.
        The cool thing is the dizziness does not make me nauseous. It is gentle.
        We are definitely o the upswing.


    2. Jude

      Thank you for that explanation Blu, that’s a great way to put it, I’m not sure where I am can’t seem to orient this space, just when I feel I’ve got my footing, I’m off again … :O

  14. Jeanette Fraser

    Huge hug Lauren I am seeing this in the Universal Plains it’s so free now that the womanifestation is coming at me like: well get on with it.” I didn’t even sleep last night watched a Bollywood movie & did my old dance moves for 4 hours, watched the sun come up. I am amazed I am wide awake & sharing this report with my partner. Within 1 hour of hitting the desks we have 3 things that were blocked flow through.

    My soul being is walking across universe, off to meet planet 9 & expansion of galaxies still happening. Ha Ha X files starts here this week the truth is out there.,

    I had an awareness about money that comes to you from Powerball etc. Gambling is ruining lives & even though I occasionally buy a ticket, have not won anything at all for years, I won’t go near a poker machine or the establishments that have them . I was told by my higher self that I kept thinking of who I would share the winnings with before I had sorted my own needs & that was why I didn’t receive anymore from that area. I now check how many women are on boards of companies & have a list of sustainable shares to buy into which will help the Planet, as well as teaching balancing land & lives , writing children’s books & I can feel the light in these ideas. just a head’s up for those who are $ struggling look at your belief systems & then the new paradigm will shift you into receiving gear again from your own Abundance systems.
    We were struggling in December & now have 3 avenues of $. Hugs for all & gong xi fat choi ( Happy New Year) for Year of the Monkey XXX Jeanette

    1. Lauren Post author

      Yay for avenues of abundance! And yes, unity definitely only responds to a self first dynamic…because there IS nothing other then Self in the hologram of life 😀

  15. Tamara

    WHOA!! Just read the report and laughed so loudly that my beloved Sparky (my baby black kitty) jumped off of my lap in surprise.

    I was just on the phone with my sister earlier today – telling her that I don’t exactly know what is coming up for me and my husband next precisely – but I know that it has to do with working with our galactic families and inner-terresterial families as an ambassador of some sort. I told her that my communications/writing background is a major part of this – and that more will be revealed in due time.

    YAH!!! Talk about serious validation from the latest report…..right???

    (Also, brilliant luck that my sister didn’t call the mental health authorities and report me as being deranged and send some nurses to my house with those fancy little white jackets that tie in the back… LOL) I mean, seriously, who tells their family that they are going to be an ambassador in some fashion to the galactic people and inner-earth beings, right??? I have always been the “odd duck” in the family.

    Then, my sister was asking why I just didn’t pack up everything and move to Mt. Shasta, California (where we know we are destined to live) right now and “trust the universe” to make it all work out. I had to tell her that the universe is always SUPER CLEAR about when I am to take action – and I will know when to go. You can’t just force things to happen – because everything has to be in “right timing.”

    So….this report gave me great hope in knowing that I am on the right path….all will unfold….I don’t exactly know what this ambassadorship will entail – but I am READY TO GO whenever the universal timing happens.

    Today was a blessing because I was able to spend three hours on the phone talking to my “semi-muggle” sister about extremely esoteric and galactic topics that she was very open to hearing about. She was super curious and is really opening up to her higher consciousness. It is so awesome to see her searching and growing and I just keep “planting seeds” when she asks for help.

    Next stop – new human me….can’t wait to see what unfolds. Onwards and upwards!!!!

    Can’t wait to see all of our AWESOMENESS as it unfolds.

    With LOVE – Tamara

    1. Lauren Post author

      In a word: WHOA.

      So glad u mentioned something about this ambassadorship because I personally only know a few people who have gotten wind of this and so I was hesitant to include the information.

      Needless to say, thrilled I did! I hope others will come forth too so we can start to ground some clarity. 😀

      1. Lis Blake

        Glad you did mention about the ambassadorship because Lauren as you know I had the Syrian High Council come through after they woke me up as to my origins through a message from you! They are communicating to me and I feel their presence and energy as it’s very different to the Masters who surround me. Have to laugh my favourite TV show has always been Star Trek!! 🙂

      2. Piroska Dombi

        Well…in the beginning of 2015…I was led to do something…out of the ordinarry…it had to do with..Scalar Energy Healing/Wholing…I did the “thing” I had to do…and …I put the message out…too…as it came through….after a little while I felt a growing group of souls….hoovering…growing and waiting….without…physically responding to the message that had been put out……I feel that was/is…. to collect the ones…for something…that would be known and unfold in Cosmic Order…..the ones pulled ….to read the message, has now almost reached into1000 people…..forming an invisible grid….to facilitate…..
        About Soul jewels….what I had to do….is collect as many jemstones/cristals as possible…because…they are pockets full of wisdom…..kept for humanity…of which they will speak now….and in communication…co-create…with us…..
        Thank you very much darling Lauren…
        cause in the world we are creating

      3. Debbie

        Ambassadorship….YES…YES….YES…..the only thing I get when inquiring to Self regarding the future is that it is bigger, better and more amazing than anything I could EVER IMAGINE. Let’s bring it!!! <3 <3 <3

      4. Nabila Cowasjee

        The ambassadorship info was sooo what I needed today as I am soon to launch my website with the help of Leadaslove 🙂 . This endeavour is literally an ambassadorship that supports the building of a new way, a 5+++D way of perceiving children and childhood.

        This has been, upon reflection, what I was groomed for from my first breath.

        I actually use the term ambassador in the “about me” section of my website which I linked to my first recollection as an 11year old where my ambitions were to be an ambassador for UNICEF. I made this connection a number of years ago as the bones began to appear for me to flesh out in regard to this mission ? to lay down new templates forged from the new 5D+ steel and facilitate a world/grid pertinent and supportive of our New Earth Children.

        I have a final decision to make re my ‘new baby” that is soon to be birthed and your report (which I felt coming as usual) basically confirmed all my thought/knowings of this last couple of weeks. It has helped so much!


        Thank you so much for this report It has cleared up so many of the final niggles, sense of poor self worth (hey I am goddess hear me roar!) issues with abundance etc that needed to be cleared up prior to the launch of my new endeavour.

        Deep gratitude and don’t hesitate to include anything you receive/know to be true!

        Nabila x

      5. janis

        Some time in December I had channeled a written message for a group of light beings, and felt like I was to be an ambassador of sorts, but wasn’t sure where to “come out” so to speak, so I sent the message in to the Sedona Journal. Trying to share with others living a holistic lifestyle of taking responsibility for body, mind and spirit is difficult enough without adding “other worldly” issues, which I feel will invalidate any authenticity and trust that I know what I’m talking about. But I look forward to sharing in any way I can in the future.

        1. Lauren Post author

          I am assuming that this year will hold many activating codes to this ambassadorship…especially now that they information has been highlighted and we are all on the lookout, so to speak. I too have very few details of what this will ultimately entail.

    2. dancing unity

      I did not call it ambassadorship, I called it being an emissary; I have called myself that for about 5 years, it is part of my stated life purpose which is to be an Emissary for the Universal awakening of unconditional Love and joy. Maybe it is now time, yahoo!

  16. Laurene

    Wow! What a zap of light that was! I was able to read and assimilate so quickly …. Beautiful Lauren! And this explains why my hard drive crashed at work and I had do have a new drive built with a whole new operating system! Love it! Xox

  17. Jude

    Love this report, Thank you Lauren,
    I concur, just about everything I have been speaking and writing about , and even painting about :O
    Limitlessness, excitement, Infinity, commanding my reality and there’s so much MORE TO COME 🙂 … have to say I am coming out of hiding and trusting what I know and not hiding my light anymore… guess my “contents are spilling out” PHC speak .
    Thanks partly to the Leo full moon and sun entering Aquarius, yesterday I felt like a balloon ready to pop and go hurling into space 🙂 ” bring on the JEWELS” I say.
    stay safe & warm over there, @lauren

  18. Xanthe

    Such a delight and so affirming to read this report once through Lauren! And funny or perfect to receive on this day where had strong urge to upgrade my phone! And after some to and fro with that and my gym, mission accomplished. Definite yeehaw re such a sense of excitement in every fibre of my being,
    And the report provided final piece of something wrote in the middle of the night re standing out not settling for less in relinquishing of some old that no longer serves in this new place for me.
    As always with much love, thank you Lauren! ❤️❤️❤️

  19. Kay

    AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME Lauren and PHC. Lot of tears as read about the ‘ambassador-ship’. Again now as I write. I have KNOWN since my early twenties, now in fifties, that I was here to do something BIG! I have had SO many experiences re our galactic friends but until recently been in too much fear mode to embrace them as I would LOVE to. I had a visit in 2009 in middle of the night from Pleiadians, could feel their ship above me and was paralysed on my bed with the frequency. When I asked for confirmation as to who they were and why they were here, got it and to my dismay freaked out and they left!!!!!
    2 years ago in a vision, I was greeted by an elder who placed a gold medallion around my neck and said ‘welcome, you have earned your place with us.’ When enquired who THEY were, he said ‘the Galactic High Council’!!!! The following day another vision I had a meeting with a female being in a form that looked like a praying mantis. She was amazing and the conversation was awesome.
    However I still had so much crap to clear, and self worth issues that I did not believe I was worthy. Last summer whilst in Italy, I was greeted by the Agarthans which at the time did not know who they were. They said it was time, and they had come to work with me.
    Last December whilst participating in Mashhur Anam’s 12 day Spiritual Alchemy for the fourth year in a row, the visions I experienced were beyond anything i had experienced. SO magical and greeted by a Grandmother who called me a ‘star wanderer’ and her words were ‘ go forth o golden one, it is time.! Beside her was a massive golden dreamcatcher, which I later recognized as the crystalline grid and walked into. When I did the light was SO bright I was temporarily blinded. in many of the visions I was in this protective bubble with a golden chord attached to the galactic core and floating around the universe. In some of these visions the Divine masculine and feminine reunited and together they sit in this bubble like a spaceship travelling to different planets where guided.
    I have been recently relocated, moved January 8 to a very powerful area in England, Gloucestershire and have my first real home in 6 years. EVERYTHING is flowing beautifully for me and days before I arrived I had a vision of this house and Santa and his sleigh flying over as he sang HO HO HO and a vortex of golden light spiralled down around it. I KNEW this meant that many gifts have been delivered awaiting my receiving of them.
    My singing/sound making voice is AMAZING now and effortless! I had shared my first song with some of you a couple of years ago and this is such a DEEP yearning. I KNEW that this is a part of my NEW EARTH life and have had to be SO patient. That patience has paid off as I watch in AWE at the sounds that now emerge and the naturalness of it. I KNOW that I am to travel worldwide and perform, can feel it with every atom of my BEing. And dancing is a part too, another natural gift. But right now my body like others is going through tremendous morphing, so having to be patient again!!!! SO looking forward to recording my first album though and your report has given me a real boost and my patience renewed, TRUSTING the process!!!
    Another KNOWING since my 20’s, is the reunion with my twin flame, and together traveling the world leading by example, showing the WAY/PATH OF LOVE! I have met him, were together in 2011 and then had to part end of 2012 due to my inablility at that time to let him fully in, TRUST him!!! Major issues around men and love at that time. So we parted with the agreement that IF it was meant to BE, we would reunite. Since that time I have gone through hell and back clearing the CORE SEPARATION WOUND! I can FEEL him SO strongly now and the LOVE that I feel is off the charts!!!! I KNOW this is the year we will reunite, reflecting the Divine Reunion, Hieros Gamos within that has taken place.
    This past month on other levels has been VERY challenging and even yesterday felt suicidal even with ALL the amazing things happening. Understanding taking FULL responsibility for it ALL is known and yet still challenging to accept at times. And the realization AGAIN that it is ALL unfolding beautifully and will take its own ‘time’.

    So dear Lauren it was a great gift your report today. THANK YOU dearest Sistar!!! 🙂 LOVE to ALL!

    1. irene fox

      How Amazing Kay ~ that thru all you’ve experienced in clearing generational, past lives, parallel, alternate , ancestral, brings you to a knowing of whats to come. Congrats ~ We are blessed to have you among the awakened ones ~ irene

    2. janis

      Thanks for coming out and sharing Kay. I had a paralyzing experience with ETs many years ago when I was leaving my apartment and told to go lie down on my bed. Then my body became immovable. I didn’t hear anything else and after awhile I could move again. Don’t know what it was all about. I jokingly said to myself that my body was too fragile and unhealthy for them to experiment or abduct me! At the time I wish it had been made comprehensible. Today I resonate with the Pleiadian energy.

  20. irene fox

    All is flowing in Accordance with our I Am’s …how exciting to Be in the space and place in Time(lessness).
    Thank you Lauren. I love being already in the flow of what you bring forth plus placing intention on whats to come. known and unknown. We have been receiving bits and pieces of our future. Now to anchor it in, in consciousness for it to Be in & So It Is, It is Done. no more vacillating between old world and new world. New World It Is ! Each step, each dream made manifest….a big WOOOHOO, YEEHAAAA All
    My Love is with you All as we Co~Create Amazingness , Awesomeness, Peace on Earth for all ~ irene

    1. Lauren Post author

      “I love being already in the flow of what you bring forth plus placing intention on whats to come. “

      Irene, this is exactly what my overriding intention is for every report I write, verbatim. I am so thrilled to see that reflected back to me, so thank you!


      1. irene fox

        MY PLEASURE ! to be at this place in the global awakening and to be One with all open hearts co~creating a planet where all are at Peace, compassion, truth, commitment to the Light , Love of Source.

  21. George Gold

    It caught my eye that now there are 38 reports on the site which numerologically is 11=Ascension and 28 which is 1=New Beginning. Numerology is cool… and we officially ROCK! 🙂 <3

  22. Songbird

    Thank you so much dearest Golden Goddess Lauren, I am so ready to move into my new body vehicle. Or is it the renewal of this one I am wearing now? The old paradigm of aging has left & now those of us who believe & are ready can show the truth of a physical body in the state of eternal youth & perfection. This feels like I have known this all my life & is so strange when I look in the mirror & see someone who doesn’t fit my inner picture. To be able to look on the outside the way I feel & know myself to be on the inside will be heaven on Earth.
    I loved this part of the report “With your new level consciousness and creation of life as Self, certainly you will need a new vehicle to experience it in. This year many will see the physical body conform to represent your true inner state.” YAAY, BRING IT ON!! Love to all…

  23. Jay Atkinson

    Breathless in the UK reporting for duty, ma’am! *salutes Lauren*

    All of the above and more… had a nasty attack of SHINGLES on my neck (left side) on the day my sister arrived to temporarily live with me, hubby and our 3 cats up the mountain in North Wales. Not a scrap of evidence that I would manifest this physical miasmic family virus, till the very day she arrived, then wham! The pain has been excruciating…

    I had a word or two with ‘upstairs’ and said (after long and protracted chats with sis) ‘I now Know the root of this virus, so help me to heal myself of the family miasmic pain’ – and I swear to Mother, I am seeing it diminish already!!! It’s unheard of. Shingles usually hangs around for ages and in some chronic cases for years and can even kill you if your immune system is damaged… !

    Interesting that it was a ‘virus’ that attached itself to my nervous system… and manifested as painful blisters. Red hot anger, raging boiling pain, all beneath the surface – I had no idea.

    My computer didn’t get a virus, but my sister’s did!!! And mine had to be completely upgraded… hmmmm… what a coincidence! (not).

    The wonderful thing about realising we are our own YOUniverse (love that expression, Lauren) is that the multi-dimensionality of every day gets weirder and more wonderful. If someone asks me ‘how are you today?’ I could give 27 different answers and they’d all be honest and true! hahahaha

    I am loving this uncertain time of my life, knowing that each challenge (and boy, financially has hit us the worst) it is another opportunity to step more fully into Trust, into 5D me and beyond – Buzz Lightyear is my boyfriend! –
    and I willingly embrace everyone and everything that is magnetised into my path with Love and Joy like never before.

    There is NOTHING we cannot be, or do or have. Nothing.

    Cannot wait to see what the next phase brings… dreams are crazily real and prophetic, with one foot in 3D, another in 4D and another in 5D (did I tell you I have 3 legs?) hahahahaha not really

    Love you Lauren… and love all of you in here.

    To Infinity and Beyond… Jay ‘Lightyear’ Atkinson xxxxxxx

    1. dancing unity

      The wonderful thing about realising we are our own YOUniverse (love that expression, Lauren) is that the multi-dimensionality of every day gets weirder and more wonderful. If someone asks me ‘how are you today?’ I could give 27 different answers and they’d all be honest and true! hahahaha

      I am loving this uncertain time of my life, knowing that each challenge (and boy, financially has hit us the worst) it is another opportunity to step more fully into Trust, into 5D me and beyond

      so with you on this and on the crazy dreams from 3 to 4 to 5D, wahoo what a ride!

  24. Thelma

    Everything in this report feels so incredible and at the same time so REAL. For those times when we doubt the path we are following, I really like the suggestion to start questioning our MIND, because “the heart HAS no questions… it just IS.”

    May we all choose wisely the world we are now creating. Onward and upward! Much love to all.

    p.s. – in a dream, I was told that I am a member of the Galactic Federation. And in another dream, I saw a tall, slim being with a small wing extending from the left shoulder, wearing a long cape, who seems to be another aspect of ME. So I am not totally surprised at the prospect of merging with our galactic roots.

      1. Thelma

        Sonara, I only had glimpses of these things through dreams. Have no idea what my Ambassador role, if I have one, would be from this point. All I know is the need to embody as much Light as humanly possible (and then some)!

  25. Sonara

    Had a quick read through again. It’s been a busy day and so will be the next few so I am looking forward to enjoying re reading when I am not so tired. (Weird sleep patterns). But despite some brain fog – I can feel the resonanace – and the expansion. I can see – somewhat dimly – but never-the-less I CAN see the future opening up!

    I am beyond excited! (As they say)

    We have all waited for soo long – and now the end – and the beginning – are in sight :). Whoohoo!

    Thank you dear Lauren <3 – and our Galactic Family <3 – and all of the TWYH family <3

    Strength – Determination – Perseverance – Humour – Creativity – Laughter – Tears – Fun – Love – Heart

    An amazing group of Galactic Travellers brought together for Planet Earth's Evolution – in its entirety

  26. Norma Ceriatti-Ayers

    I am looking forward to this.

    My tolerance to experience life in the old ways has completely ended.

    Thank you, Lauren for sticking out all this time and providing us with much needed information.



  27. Norma Ceriatti-Ayers

    I had a significant dream this weekend by t he way.

    I dreamed I had been called to the office of my old job. I spent the whole day waiting for instructions on what I was supposed to be doing for work.

    At the end of the day I was handed a pen and told that I was just being rewarded for previous work, but when I looked at the pen there was name engraved on it. It was not my name.

    I tell my former boss and she says, sorry, we have run out of time to redo the engraving correctly.

  28. greg

    don’t know how to thx you ,,, no really,, I mean it sensitive sister 🙂 ,, I have been on the christ path for 1/2 a century now , followed your reports for the last 7 years , and lived the mayan calendar right up till 2012 ,you have been one of the pillars of support on the path !! and now here , getting to read your full report , seeing, feeling the truth in it and also experiencing it here in the now !!! , hoooyeaaa ,, if you were here U would be soo getting a huge hug ,,, xoxoxoxo ,,, this is really happening ,, in the here and now !!! so excited ,and a little scared ,, we have all been preparing for so long ,eh!! face to the light , greg

  29. Lis Blake

    Lauren – I did re-read the up-date and the energy there-in is mammoth. Thank you!! ♥ This is also another thank you (as usual) having just re-read Cal 7 and 8a wherein I re-remembered (again!) that I am a Spiritual Being having a physical experience and that I’m attracting that which I agreed to/planned (with those around me before my ‘arrival’) to come into my reality!! Am focusing on remembering this!! Have taught it and it’s amazing when one does not stay out of the density – how easily it is to forget. Lots of &heats;

  30. Anne

    Thank you so much for bringing on this precious information You and PHC. What a support and a valuable reminder this is to what my heart is calling and learning to activate.

  31. janis

    Thus far, it seems I’m the last one to read the report, which is great that I am taking in all the wonderful energy and comments. I thought January was going to be awful due to Pluto in my chart; last time I almost died. However, it is turning out to be transformational since someone said in a writing group that my karma is to be doing Shamanism. Synchronisticly(spelling?) I have taken a Shaman workshop in NYC, joined a journey group on Long Island and have an appointment to do an ancestral clearing for earthbound parents this week. Also, just read Dr. Steven D. Farmer’s book, Healing Ancestral Karma. Great book. Thanks Lauren for all your support.
    P.S. Yes, the joint pain has been intense Lauren.

  32. penny goodwill

    Yesterday I was at a bus terminal in the middle of nowhere in Costa Rica. I was changing buses.

    As I was approaching my 2nd bus I crossed paths w a man. We locked eyes and a huge blast of light hit both of us. We stopped and said “hello.”
    Then, a little disoriented, we both continued on our separate paths.
    This is the first time I have had such a profound soul family recognition. I have had powerful encounters in the past but I think they were mostly karmic. This was different.

    I think we both were shocked by this. I also know that neither one of us was ready. But it was a great way to confirm that the time is coming for us to gather together.


    1. dancing unity

      That is WAY cool. Makes me wonder if they are more likely to occur in exotic places away from home or if we are more alert, awake in such situations. I had a moment like that in northeast Australia, Christmas night 1989. We locked eyes, he told me the meaning of everything, I saw eternity in his eyes yet promptly forgot everything he told me. Yet I have never forgotten that moment. We had actually initially met him at a 10 day silent mediation retreat on Koh Phangan. So wild to see him so far away half a year later.

  33. Michael Hainsworth

    From The cosmic Path Cristine Clemmer weekly

    The entire week is leading up to the 3rd of 3 Mercury Pluto conjunctions, which occurs on Saturday 1/30. This is the big one, the final reboot that brings us fully online and activates live communication between our 4 lower body systems, our Cosmic Self, and the infinite realm where all possibilities and dimensions are accessible. This is the moment we’ve been waiting for. We don’t need to physically cross over to resurrect and reunite with the infinite realm…this upgrade plugs us in here and now, allowing us access to everything, within and without, including the memories held deep within our physical cellular imprint that may have been disconnected or subconsciously suppressed in our bodies. All of that information is coming available to us now. The truth is, it always has been, but the layers of dense debris made communication challenging with our old wiring system

    It just so happens Saturday is my birthday, not a bad day to be reborn 🙂

    1. Debbie

      WOW…wow…..thanks for the info!! I just posted about my dream last night with the birth of four babies….possibly relates to the 4 lower body systems….interesting!! And an early HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHAEL!!

  34. Jean-Pierre Comeau

    Last night I had the dream that we were all meeting together on the dream plane, we where in a cozy place, so relax, laughing and joking on how we would receive the ambassadorship activation and how it would bring such profound feelings of remembering in us all.

    I feel blessed to be reunited with my soul family.
    Thank You Lauren for having allowed the activation to come through.


  35. Pina Costa

    Love to all, beautiful report Lauren. Just reading some of the posts and feel so much intensity, love is flowing, joy is jumping and magic is everywhere. A great blessing to all of you my gorgeous family of light. Blending my energy with all of you right now and feeling the love back 10 fold!!

  36. AJ

    Lauren… This new energy has caught me totally off guard. Totally blown away by what’s happening..Never have I felt so much heart love and compassion for myself (this comment comes from a perfectionist with high internal self destructive critic – judge). My internal dialogue is profound, directing, mentoring, and supporting me through this transition. I can’t even predict the future, when I am living so much in the now (with past experiences coming up to clear). Thank you for your ‘spot on’ report that I am still integrating one day at a time. You are amazing. AJ

    1. Lauren Post author

      omygoodness AJ, this is music to my ears…tho i am def not surprised due to the depth of your abilities, I am beyond thrilled that your new processor has activated and you are starting to think GOD thoughts!

      And you nailed the description of this christ consciousness overlay:

      My internal dialogue is profound, directing, mentoring, and supporting me through this transition…

      That is how the thoughts sound to me too…it’s a very archaic dialogue, masculine sounding, directive and reassuring, confidence boosting and with timeless wisdom to boot. It also sounds as tho these thoughts are coming from outside of me, tho I know they are deeply a part of me…ie, the thoughts are somehow different than telepathy thoughts. its fascinating to witness the emergence of this third entity within!

  37. Sonara

    On the physical level I have lots of energy but also I noticed I am starting to grind my teeth so iam guessing there is a part of me that has become very anxious. On the more profound side I am really getting the understanding of the consciousness in me being the consciousness in everything. And I am seeing An greeting myself in all aspects of life.. We are all one is finally becoming really meaningful!

  38. Sonara

    Oops made an error in the above An should read and. The I Pad substitution! Feling quite wired and – I have completely forgotten what I – ah remembered. I have always felt the odd one out like many of us here (if not all of us!) but it is only recently that I am coming to see just how different I am. So much energy – so intuitive – so empathic – so all seeing – and so on ….. I am not blowing my own trumpet or anything like that. I guess the veil is lifting and I am recognising myself!

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