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The Descension of Christ: absolute replenishment

It’s official…resurrection hurts.  Like a MUTHA. I have personally been tanked since the equinox, but now even those around me who are usually unaffected are suddenly toast. To those I say: “welcome my fellow humans…welcome to the searing ache of biological evolution and cellular mutation”. There are so many unfathomable changes taking place within our […]

The Resurrection Begins…

Hi TWYH family! I just received a beautiful message from on high that I wanted to share with you immediately because I have learned over the years that any message that is framed “from on high” has special significance. What I heard and was asked to share with all of you is that there is […]

Coming Down from the Cross: mass renewal

LOVE Bomb Explodes The equinox on the 20th was something really special.  It is always a powerful gateway for ascension because it is a time of balancing the sacred female/male energies within, but because we are now so firmly planted in unity consciousness, the power of this year’s merge was like a full-on explosion of LOVE […]

The REALity of Illusion: holographic creation

First of all, welcome to the new TWYH! I am so so sooo excited for all the changes but mostly for the potential contained within the future of this community.  We are still working thru a lot of the upgrade details…which is why existing members have not yet been notified and why membership is currently […]