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Benefactor to Beneficiary: bestowal of blessings

Ok people…even if it feels otherwise, we are finally at a very long-awaited and super significant turning point. It definitely took me ALL of July to be-lie-ve this to be true…and btw, thank you in advance for your patience so I could get to a more expanded place personally before I wrote this report…had I not waited, this would have been a VERY different article The unrelenting force of compression that was required to get to where we are right now, to turn the last of our carbon into diamond…to rid ourselves of those final patterns of self destructive limitations…was straight-up Crazyville. But thru all of it, the…

Ceremony of Honor: your degree in mastery

- Crazy to think that 2014 is already at the halfway point…and with all that has been awakened, acknowledged, shifted and transmuted within us since the year began, we are at once  a c h i n g  to bust out of our cocoons and get on with some new earth living already, while stilllllll bearing witness to so much physical distress. From the December to June solstice, many of us have been dedicating ourselves solely the massive inner alignment process that has been required for the activation of our personal merkaba, that which initiates the descension of our spiritual self into physical form.  This alignment is not only the motor…

Emancipation from Suffering: commencement

Before we get fully into the report, l want to first acknowledge and shed some light on the recent and slightly oppressive impasse that many were thrusted into soon after we exited the eclipse portal in mid May. For those of you like myself who aren’t exactly sure what an impasse is: impasse |ˈimˌpas, imˈpas| noun. a situation in which no progress is possible; a deadlock According to my Sources, this temporary stalemate we’ve been awkwardly navigating since the Wesak full (Buddha) moon on 5/15 is the result of many moving parts, the bulk of which is related to our release from duality, that which initiates our global shift into the new physical world….

The Magic of May: midway point

We made it to May!  That alone is celebration worthy considering the magnitude of what has recently transpired within us, but in addition to such a noble accomplishment we also lived to tell about the grand cross event. And now that the eclipse portal is finally coming to a close (5/14), I am hearing that we are about to learn how we are forever changed. The transmutational energies of April may have definitely threatened to exterminate us in parts, but from the perspective of my Sources, the heavy (key word) lifting is over. The next leg of our resurrection journey is not without challenges mind…

The Descension of Christ: absolute replenishment

It’s official…resurrection hurts.  Like a MUTHA. I have personally been tanked since the equinox, but now even those around me who are usually unaffected are suddenly toast. To those I say: “welcome my fellow humans…welcome to the searing ache of biological evolution and cellular mutation”. There are so many unfathomable changes taking place within our physical bodies right now, and while this has been going on for many years…we are now at a critical point of just surviving the discomfort. Every day can definitely feel (and maybe even look) like you were in a car wreck, but it’s all good….