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The Descension of Christ: absolute replenishment

It’s official…resurrection hurts.  Like a MUTHA. I have personally been tanked since the equinox, but now even those around me who are usually unaffected are suddenly toast. To those I say: “welcome my fellow humans…welcome to the searing ache of biological evolution and cellular mutation”. There are so many unfathomable changes taking place within our […]

Coming Down from the Cross: mass renewal

LOVE Bomb Explodes The equinox on the 20th was something really special.  It is always a powerful gateway for ascension because it is a time of balancing the sacred female/male energies within, but because we are now so firmly planted in unity consciousness, the power of this year’s merge was like a full-on explosion of LOVE […]

The REALity of Illusion: holographic creation

First of all, welcome to the new TWYH! I am so so sooo excited for all the changes but mostly for the potential contained within the future of this community.  We are still working thru a lot of the upgrade details…which is why existing members have not yet been notified and why membership is currently […]

Breaking FREE: the call of destiny

Holy crap..things are powerfully pressurized at the moment. And interestingly, I am hearing that this intensity is firing in two clear directions where some of you are experiencing enormous expansion and feelings of betterment, while others are still pretty pummelled by these new frequencies and feeling down in the dumps.  Most of us I imagine, […]

2014: spiritualizing the material

Happy New Year! 2013 is finally over…(exhales)…and I know I am not alone when I say that I have never been so literally “happy” for a new year. Even tho we are opening to 2014 in a very inward, reflective way…and while still clearing out the cobwebs and misty fog that was so heavily blanketed […]