Hello again!

I definitely did not expect to be writing again so soon but felt called to share some new understandings as they relate to the postpartum eclipse blues recently brought up in the network.

As I deepen in my assimilation of the solar eclipse energy two things (so far) became clear to me:

1) Our (umbilical) cord connecting us to earth’s systems (for our sustenance) has been cut and we are currently mid-transit, moving…more like floating…to an entirely new (self-contained) reality that we have no ability to perceive or comprehend (on purpose).

2) If you have been unable to anchor into anything post-eclipse (or don’t even care to) the messages coming thru are that we are not supposed to.

I received some new information last night as it relates to my own (computer) situation very literally, but applies to every reality collectively. When I asked to see deeper into the truth around both of my hard drives being suddenly wiped clean I heard the words: total template reset

Wanting specifics, my higher levels explained that we are in the midst of a massive dematerialization of ALL realities outside of the ONE (unified) reality that is preparing to take new form.

I was told that we are currently idling at ground zero…which I took to mean “holding at zero point”…and that the best thing we can do for ourselves is remain WIDE OPEN during this time so that we can re-materialize outside the parameters of our limited past perceptions, suspending all personal be-lie-fs around what we think or feel is possible.

Literally ANYthing is possible now but we have to be vibrationally aligned with the frequency of the unmanifest world (zero point) in order to manifest the unknown potentials of the new world.

What is shown to me is that our new Heartmind processor is currently working to override our separated mental (3D) processor and as it does so it is suspending its autonomous functions…those functions that worked independently (heart → mind) are now moving into harmony with all system functions (Heartmind).  While the higher works to override the lower, we ourselves are held in a state of suspension until our systems complete the reboot process.

This process can be uncomfortable.  Floating with no anchor requires complete trust-total faith in our higher power and now more than ever we need to give ourselves fully over to this experience. The disconnection from life is maybe the most complete I’ve personally felt, but we are advised to not to attach to anything while in this postpartum space because literally nothing is solidified yet…or formed.

Anything that is bubbling up that is restrictive and seems real is NOT…everything of limitation is an illusion from the past that I wanna say is “testing” our resolve…but that’s not really true.  This reads more like choosing out of...not directly, more by not choosing into…by understanding what is happening and therefore staying fully detached in this corridor of absolute neutrality.

To reinforce that understanding I was shown a very narrow hallway of light with multiple doors on either side that we all must walk/squeeze thru in order to get to the new reality. Some of these doors stay closed, some that are not yet completely sealed shut suddenly fling open as we approach them them.  Those that do may tempt us to walk in and look around…to see if there is anything left that we need to look at or tend to inside those rooms (ourselves)…but the answer is a clear NO.

Where we are right now is not about clearing, healing or even feeling so much…altho some of these dissolving realities do present with grief as we let them go.  Of course we are to feel everything that presents, tho this is not about the past (attachments) but about keeping our sights selectively on the higher during this convergence…steering clear of the  ill-usion by staying suspended in still-point as the past passes us by.

At the human level we feel to heal, on the divine level we shift into a whole new vibrational reality. It’s important to stay simultaneously focused on all aspects of self to know what is needed on every level, but even more important that we don’t get stuck in the feeling phase right now.  If you tune in you will likely feel the buffer of energy around you for exactly this reason…this field of energy is “anesthetizing us” from feeling too much as we pass thru this vulnerable purgatory state…it may be numbing, but it is also freeing.

On the other hand, if any recently healed wounds still scabbing over feel like they are reopening, know that they don’t need to…even if they are freshly sutured.  Affirm this by facing any ghosts of the past and then moving on as quickly as possible to get back to the expanded present.  Do this as often as necessary, but be sure to stay awake and not fall back into the delusion.

I am reminded of the words of Jesus from the June report...”there is no need left to focus on what was, but solely on what’s BEcoming.”

Our ability to do this right now will definitely lend to our success in this stillness.  I don’t feel we will be in this timeless state of suspension much longer (we will likely gain momentum with Saturn direct as the new week moves on) but while we are here we are asked to surrender to the understanding that we are currently constructing an entirely new hologram that we will step into when complete…and that this divine orchestration for a new life structure is one that we deliberately have no ability to mentally meddle with.

As everything around us dissolves, the silence can be eerie and life can feel unreal/surreal…even liquid-like. This is because the particles of our fluid reality system are literally rearranging themselves as we fortify the essence of our physical cellf and reality elsewhere.  It may feel like we too are dissolving, but this feeling of disappearing is the dissolution of our 3D self & reality, not our True Self.

In the same way that I have ZERO connection to my past information that is currently locked up on two failed hard drives, so too must we all completely detach from/release/let go of ANY preconceived idea around what’s ahead.  This isn’t like anything we’ve done prior…this is a TOTAL rewrite of consciousness.  And it feels it.

This is a call to pause all creation and just BE as we enter the new earth landscape.  When we reconnect again it will be from a new template experience, from the new harmonics that were discussed in the recent report.   At that point, after we move thru this zeroing-out phase, I am hearing that we will then “reload our hard drives” with all new codes…new data that will connect our biology with our higher body consciousness, especially the parasympathetic nervous system which is especially highlighted at this time.

In the meantime and for as long as it takes, give yourself full permission to sink into the stillness.

Do whatever is necessary to keep your mind empty and emotions neutral…to keep your thoughts out of past limitation and future expectation…to keep your vibration expanded during this very fertile moment is so helpful and important. For me that has meant lots of relaxation, movies, reading, good food, video games and communing with nature.

Whatever it takes, do that.